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Newsletter May 29, 2020

This quote by Charles Eisenstein appeared on the School of Lost Borders Facebook page. The School of Lost Borders is a place I cannot recommend enough. It's the place where I and several of my family members took our Vision Fasts. That vision led me here, to Vancouver Island. What Charles Eisenstein is speaking about is something I have learned through Vision Fast and in Council too, the rite of passage that takes us from the old story to the new one. However, to get there, we must pass through the time of no story, and goodness knows, where would I be without my story? It can be a scary place.  Charles Eisenstein's post evoked a response from my heart that I would like to share here. This time of Covid-19 pandemic is a time that is betwixt and between. It is the place of "no story." This is the discomfort that begs to be tolerated now. The place of no story. The place in between the trapeze handholds.  The three stages of a rite of passage include severance, threshold, and incorporation, or the old story, no story and new story. With Covid-19, severance was hard. We could have prepared for this rite of passage but most of us did not. Without having cultivated and practiced skills of resilience, of personal and communal practices, this time can be frightening, perhaps seemingly unbearable. Some break out their guns and protest for freedom having no idea that they hold the jail door key. Enacting archetypes with no mirror, no mentor.  Can enough of us tolerate the discomfort with hearts listening to the other beings on this planet? Can we listen and tend to what might emerge? If we listen and tend like I witness my stepdaughter and my son-in-law tend their baby -- with love, with sacrifice, what world is possible? 

A Request with Gratitude

Thank you to those who responded to the questions I posed for my homework assignment in my marketing course a couple of weeks ago. It's still not too late to offer feedback. I offered a meditation as an expression of gratitude. However, because I am new to Survey Monkey, I used an anonymous response to elicit feedback and now, with egg on my face, I do not know who to send a meditation to. If you would like a meditation, then my request is to please email me, and I'll get it right out to you with gratitude.

Hynotherapy & Coaching Services Offered

I am now offering hypnotherapy and coaching by Zoom. It has been going great. If you are not sure whether an online appointment will work for you, I invite you to give me a call so that we can discuss your concerns and see if it is a good fit for you.

Council: Heartfelt connection in a time of physical distancing

Weekly Community Council: Thursdays, 7 – 8. Here is the Zoom link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Time: May 7, 2020 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Every week on Thu, until May 21, 2020, 3 occurrence(s) May 7, 2020 07:00 PM May 14, 2020 07:00 PM May 21, 2020 07:00 PM 

Meeting ID: 369 839 978 Password: 424604

Heart connection with others is a resource of resilience. Video connection provides the intonation and facial cues that words and emojis in emails or texts cannot. We are not just exchanging content. We are exchanging cues. We are reaching into the ‘other’s’ nervous system to say, “I’m here. I’m present with you.” 

In this time of Covid-19, for those who are alone, the isolation can be harmful to the nervous system and the body’s experience encourages negativity bias. The opportunity to connect through online council is an opportunity to co-regulate each other’s physiological and emotional state. We then feel safer and become more generous with others, more accessible. 

As we move into an era of pandemics and other environmental crises, as mental health is compromised, we need each other. Stephen Porges, author of The Polyvagal Theory states that we need to turn toward each other so that the stress of crisis does not draw us away from each other and into defensiveness and the negative expression of tribalism. We need to resource ourselves in order to nourish others. We need council and other resiliency practices if we are to rise to the challenges of our time.

Circles of Resilience: Skills for these times. Training in Online Facilitation.

“He who listens with his mind knows;

he who listens with his heart understands.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

Leon Berg is a founding member of the Ojai Foundation. He is a Senior Trainer for Center for Council. Leon is a joy to partner with and we are excited to offer a 6-hour training, held over four weeks (90 minutes per session) to those who would like to facilitate on-line circles with family and friends. This is the first step to a longer training in The Way of Council and Resilience Skills for bringing the practice to your community.

During this 6-hour program we will cover:

- Orientation to Zoom

- Grounding and resilience practices (more in next level training)

- Opening and closing the circle; council elements

- Facilitating in virtual space

- Introducing the online forms of council including use of breakout rooms

- Forming prompts

Leon and I want to hold the paradox of making this workshop accessible for everyone while being responsible for our financial integrity. We invite you to ask your heart to guide you to the right amount to pay for this workshop. Some will pay a little more, some a little less. Our combined gifts converge in the currency of compassion to awaken us to the enduring good for all.

Contact me with your interest: or 250-597-7459. Date and time to be determined based on interest. The class is limited to twelve participants.

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