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Wild Flowers
Awaken, Imagine, Empower, Actualize Your Life.

Transpersonal Life Coaching uses the best elements of the positive psychology movement to unlock an individual’s passion and brilliance. Coaching facilitates change and development into as yet unrealized potential for optimal functioning. Transpersonal coaching focuses on “the search for goals and the meaning of life, the strengthening of inner personal resources, and the belief in transcendental abilities for self-growth.” (Levin, 2009.)

Transpersonal Life Coaching

$75, 1-hr session.

Sessions can take place in person or online.

Charting Your Course Workshop

$240, 2-hr sessions/4 weeks (group)

Mustard Flowers

“We must go down to the very foundations of life.

For any merely superficial ordering of life that leaves its deepest needs unsatisfied is as ineffectual as if no attempt at order had ever been made . . . “

                                    – I Ching, Hexagram #34, “The Well” (circa 250 0BC)

Most of us seek to live a fulfilled life. By starting with defining your signature strengths, you can determine how to best use those strengths in service of something greater than yourself and experience authentic happiness. In consciously choosing and crafting our experience, we have opportunities to experience moments of fulfillment more frequently.


Many people seek to exchange unhealthy habits for healthy ones. Coaching can help you examine your everyday life habits and the assumptions and needs that underpin them and the inner conflict that develops when habits do not align with values. This affords the opportunity to create more purposeful behavior in line with your desired life. By utilizing coaching hypnosis we achieve healthier habits, those that bring health, joy, and satisfaction.


Others come to coaching seeking greater life balance, living in presence with an ability to focus on the future you design. An assessment of your needs and values, as well as a strengthening of boundaries will bring you into balance.


Coaching can support you to create and commit to a calendar that reflects your values. Take charge of your schedule rather than being controlled by it.


Whatever your goals or intentions are at this time, I invite you to experience coaching as a dynamic process toward a purpose-driven, authentically happy life. As my favourite coaching teacher says, “coaching is designed to bring the client to think thoughts he or she has never thought before.” When that happens people really come alive.


Along with individual coaching, I will be developing a number of group coaching workshops as a devotee of the power of group process.

My popular introductory coaching workshop is called Charting Your Course. This four session workshop is for people in mid-life transition. It is an introduction to the coaching process and how I work and is being offered at an introductory rate of $180 for four sessions.

I offer this workshop in person or online. Geography need not be an impediment for a group ready to do this work to connect. I can also customize a package for you that includes the course, as well as individual coaching sessions.

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