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Newsletter March 29

Ready or not, our world changed drastically very quickly. There is no doubt about that. On one hand, there is a longing to return to normalcy and, on the other, there is a recognition that in this willingness to change so much of how we are walking in the world that there is an opportunity to take what worked and change what didn’t. We have a collective energy being engaged in a way that not many of us have experienced in this lifetime. There is an absolute willingness on the part of the majority to consider what’s best for all and a willingness to make personal sacrifices for that. This is the beauty of human beings at our best. Though there is fear of loss, including the very real loss of life, the choice each of us makes to do what we believe is the right thing for the health care system and for the people we love and the people that other people love is empowering. We can be empowered in a time of real fear through choice. When fear is met, creative energy is liberated. I have rarely witnessed such ingenuity, such creative outpouring and such gratitude and appreciation as I have in the last two weeks. We can let the fear make us smaller or we can allow it to enlarge our souls.

I dare say that to return to business as usual would be a failure of the collective imagination. I am not suggesting that we never fly again or that all the small businesses now in real danger of failing should not resume function. I am suggesting that we look at the opportunities borne of crisis and obstacles to redefine how some businesses have functioned and, moreover, how our social nets function. I am suggesting that we find systems that enable our best selves to continue to show up so that we continue to make choices that serve the we rather than the me. Rumi asks us not to go back to sleep. Let’s not return to the comfort of what is known, but let’s dare to be creative, pilot some new operating systems within and without. Let’s find more ways that the creativity that has been liberated in people can continue to brighten our affect, enliven our experience.


If you are struggling with fear or seeking clarity of vision, I offer online sessions combining mindfulness, hypnosis and the use of your resources such as your Wise Adult or Future Self to explore any fear that is arising. By meeting this fear with compassion and love, you will liberate your creative energy to use in this time as a gift for self, for those you care abut and for the greater good. Open Community Council by Zoom - a free community event


I continue to offer free online councils via Zoom for finding soulful connection in a time of physical distancing. If you are feeling isolated and would benefit from some heart connection, drop in to a place of kindness and heart with others via Zoom. The intention is to share the challenges and the hopes that we face at this threshold, and to go forward together. Email me and I’ll send you the link. No commitment required other than to your own sense of community.


I have completed my first eight-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction with a lovely group who taught me so much. I’d like to take the next step of bringing Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction in an online format. Now is a wonderful time to renew your mindfulness practice or to start from scratch, both because it will serve in how you are responding to the stress of the pandemic and because many of you will have the time to really ignite your practice. Further, as some of you may be challenged with finances at this time, I will keep my fee low so that it will cover the cost of the mentoring I will receive through teaching this round. Any additional that you would like to contribute toward my time would be gratefully received. *The flyer below lists that the class will take place on Wednesday evenings. I am open to changing this to Saturday mornings. Be in touch if you'd like to enroll and we can figure our the preferred time. 

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