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TRIM-LIFE® was developed by the Internationally-recognized Wellness Institute of Issaquah, WA, and is newly updated by The Wellness Institute in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic's Integrative Medical program. You will learn the underlying causes - beneath your conscious awareness - that trigger your emotional eating patterns and set you up for the roller coaster ride we all know too well: Diet / Gain / Diet / Gain = Feeling Bad About Yourself.


This six week group (which meets once a week) will give you the tools to clear these subconscious patterns, and eliminate cravings and binge eating.  The resources and skills provided will empower you to make healthy, sustainable choices that will allow you to continue losing weight after the group has ended.  The cost for the six week group, book, work book and CD’s is $290.00.  Optional group support sessions will be made available.


Visit Cleveland Clinic’s TRIM-LIFE® Fact Sheet for more information.




  • TV interview about TRIM-LIFE Program with Dr. Tanya Edwards, Medical Director at The Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine on Cleveland’s Fox 8: The Weight is Over: Hypnotism. (November 6, 2013)

Trim Life Weight Release Program

Feeling addicted to food? Release your weight permanently with clinical hypnosis.

$400, 6-weeks (approx. 12-hrs).

Sessions can take place in person or online.

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