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Lori Austein, J.D., C.C.T., C.C.H.T



Welcome.  I offer heart-centered process facilitation and training as a certified Council Trainer, Transpersonal Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Mindfullness-based Stress Reduction teacher.

I am known for my compassion, clarity, trustworthiness, authenticity, and the ability to create a safe environment. I help people experience meaning, purpose and joy in their lives and to have the resilience necessary to meet the challenges, obstacles and disappointments that are part of their journey. I support people to reclaim their worthiness, self-confidence, and self-love. I help people let go of their old stories in order to create their new story.

Through these heart-centered processes, a client will improve communication, create and sustain healthier relationships, live from their values and strengths, heal from trauma, and replace unhealthy patterns with healthy ones. 


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment technique that addresses body, mind, and spirit.


In therapeutic hypnosis, the creative space of the subconscious is activated to support you in achieving profound healing and greater health and happiness.


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Council is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart.

Through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathetic, non-judgmental listening, Council inspires a non-hierarchical form of deep communication that reveals a group's vision and purpose.

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MBSR is an eight-week course that provides instruction in mindfulness meditation practices, gentle yoga, group dialogue, and mindful communication exercises to increase present moment awareness, helping you transform your response to stress.

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Wild Flowers

Transpersonal Life Coaching empowers people to transcend the mindsets and limiting beliefs that inhibit their personal, professional and spiritual growth. Making use of transpersonal states and perspectives leads to an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose in life, as well as greater clarity and resourcefulness.

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This 6-hour training held over four weeks for those who would like to facilitate on-line circles with family, friends and colleagues. 

  • Experience grounding and resilience practices.

  • Explore different council forms, exercises and games.

  • Practice facilitating in Zoom virtual space.

  • Explore the questions we are living now in this time of global pandemic and climate crisis.

  • Engage in home practice with other participants to develop your skills.

 For Circles of Resilience programs:


Circles of Resilience #21.jpg
  • What if I get my hopes up about creating change in my life and then I am dissapointed?
    As one of my teachers used to say, “how is this like your life?” Is this a pattern in which you get your hopes up only to find disappointment? This sounds like a wonderful issue to work on. Change is always possible. We always have a choice.
  • What have your other clients said about you?
    ​Please see the testimonials that I have posted to check out other clients' experiences with me.
  • What if I am uncomfortable being vulnerable in front of you?
    ​You will not be doing any work that I have not done myself. I have the utmost respect for your experience as it is included in what it means to be human. We can work with your vulnerability as it arises as part of your process. Of course, your work with me is confidential. If at any point you wish to stop a session, you can do so.
  • What is your confidentiality policy?
    ​Your personal information will be discussed and recorded in confidence. Ethical and legal requirements may require disclosure in the interest of protecting you or another.
  • What if I cannot be hypnotized?
    Hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I respect your need for safety and some of us find that safety through relying on cognition (staying in our heads) rather than dropping down into the physical sensations in our bodies and our emotions. We can go slowly, and we can stop. You are always in control.
  • What if I do not want to reveal intimate details about my life in council?
    You share from your level of comfort as trust is built and there is never a requirement that you have to share. Listening is 95% of council.
  • What if I am afraid to get out of my comfort zone?
    Finding your edge is key for growth. We work in the place between comfortable and being overwhelmed. This is achieved in hypnotherapy through a process of dipping into the challenging material, resourcing, coming back to comfort and going ahead when ready. This is referred to as titration.
  • What if I will not be seen or understood? What if I am not held emotionally or spiritually?
    The Wellness Institute teaches that you cannot successfully take someone where you have not gone before. I have been doing my process work at The Wellness Institute for 10 years. In each session, the client is invited to call in his/her spiritual connection to help create the container in which they are held to engage in the process.
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